200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

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I don't know if  I want to teach yoga, why should I join?

A yoga teacher training is for anyone interested in deepening their yoga practice, not just for those who wish to teach yoga. During a yoga training program, you'll learn more about asana (postures), the alignment, how to modify and safely practice the pose in a way that's best for YOU. Learning how to teach the postures will deepen your own knowledge, and increase your awareness during your self-practice. Yoga Asana is only one part of the yoga journey. In yoga teacher trainings, you get to explore the philosophy of yoga that is often left out of a typical yoga class. 

Joining a Yoga Teacher Training not only gives you insight into postures, breathwork, anatomy, and philosophy but also links you to a community of like-minded individuals.

It gives you a chance to truly deepen and explore your practice with the guidance of experienced teachers who love sharing this practice with others.

How experienced must I be to join the YTT?

A 200-hour YTT is your foundation. We start at the very beginning and work our way up. You don't need to be an experienced yogi to join our course. Yoga meets you where you are at. You only need the willingness to show up to your mat to join. The rest we'll explore together.

What if I cant attend all the sessions live?

The great thing about our online training is that ALL the sessions are recorded. If you happen to miss a live class, you can catch it up in your own time.

There are certain classes that are mandatory to attend live if you wish to receive your certificate, but these dates are set months in advance, giving you plenty of time to plan ahead.

Joining the live sessions allows you to get the most out of your YTT, as the Udaya teachers are able to offer their assistance during the session. However, we understand that life can be busy and our schedules don't always allow us time to join every class - that's okay! Catch-up is available on our Online Platform. 

One-on-one private classes are available, if you will be missing a lot of the live asana practice sessions, please make use of this option from time to time to get the most out of your training.

How does the payment plan work?

You can pay the training off now until the end of the course. If you require an extended payment plan, please pop us an email, we'd be happy to chat with you about options.

I can't afford the training, but I really want to join.

Yoga is a truly life-changing practice, and we don't believe finances should be the reason why someone can't attend a ytt. If you require financial support to join one of our trainings, please send us an email or give us a call, we'd be more than happy to chat with you about options.

What does a typical week on a yoga training look like?

Each week we explore new topics.

Monday - Thursday

6:30 am (SAST) - Vinysasa yoga / Meditation

8:30 am - Theory (we explore topics like the eight limbs of yoga, Ayurveda, Anatomy, energy anatomy, the business of yoga etc)

5:00 pm - Asana Lab & Teaching Methodology (we explore the alignment, techniques, modifications, and how to teach Asana. We also have teaching exercises that consist of sequence creation, learning how to teach verbally, and how to assist students. Some of these exercises are done in small groups, so you get to know those on the training - we have a lot of fun!)


Once a month we have a Saturday session that consists mainly of workshops

What happens after the training?

Once you have completed all your examinations, you will receive your certificate. This will enable you to teach at studios, gyms, and teach privately. You will be a certified yoga teacher.

Since moving our yoga training online, we've been able to stay connected more easily than ever before. After your first 200hr ytt, you can join any future 200hr training with Udaya Studio free of charge.

How do lectures and classes work?

We meet on Zoom every morning and afternoon from Monday to Thursday (and one Saturday per month). We recommend joining classes live whenever possible, as that creates a space where we can stay connected to our practice and establish a routine.

Having said that, we know that life sometimes has other plans for us, and attending classes can't always fit into our schedules - no worries - we've got you covered. We record and upload every live class to our online classroom so that you never miss a moment. With this option, you can either join live classes or catch up on them when you have the time!

Our online program maintains integrity in training, depth of learning, and personalized experience one should expect from studio-based teacher training.... and we have fun!


Every Monday - Thursday we meet for asana practice / meditation, and later move on to theory (the best part, actually) where we discuss the philosophy of yoga and it's origins, and explore how it all fits into a modern context. In the afternoon, we delve into posture analysis, and modifications of asana. You will learn how to sequence classes safely and creatively, as well as learn how to teach them (we do a lot of teaching practice, so by the time you graduate you will feel confident guiding your own classes). We also have incredible guest lecturers who meet with you every week to discuss movement, anatomy, inversions and philosophy!